Commonwealth Ministers of Education
Block Project

We have put together a major effort to have Nova Scotia students directly involved in the 14th Conference of Commonwealth Ministers of Education that will be held in Halifax this Nov 26th to 29th.

The CCEM project will be a GrassRoots Block Project and will require you to work under those criteria in order to receive the $5500.00. So see the GrassRoots site for information about the criteria of these types of Block projects.

1. Each Block project, or Board, will be assigned a series of Commonwealth nations.

2. Students will hopefully be provided with an email contact school in each of their assigned nations, as much as possible to allow for discussion and information research about that nation. The website is designed to encourage email correspondence between the Nova Scotia class and the nation's school to gather email stories as vignettes that highlight each nation's life of a student.

3. The project will be provided with a template format to ease the site production process as well as ensure working links when all the efforts are merged. 

Initial templates , as part of the CCEM Support CD, have been sent to Board Grassroots Coordinators on Sept 20th in a CD format with all the files in the website. A further two CDs were sent Oct 4th to the Board GrassRoots Coordinator for their lead teacher. One CD is an update to the original CCEM Support CD dated Oct 4th which is the version to be used in the site production as it fixes all know issues. 

The second CD is the profiles of all the Commonwealth countries that was prepared by Knowledge House (KHI) as part of their support to the conference. This CD has background information and can be used to assist students researching their country. If any of the materials are used in the student's work, full credit must be given to KHI. Also be advised that KHI has indicated that the images of the flags and the maps are NOT yet cleared of copyright permissions and must be treated as for information only at this point in time. See the word document in the main folder of your CD for the KHI statement re this matter. 

The URL for the eventual site will be  An overview of the structure for the site is also provided. A help document has also been prepared and is included on the support CD and on line.

4. The lead teacher, as all Block Projects in GrassRoots works this way,  will be the contact at that Board for this special GrassRoots once in a lifetime project.

5. There may also be an opportunity for some of your students to be directly involved with the conference as the Secretary General of the Commonwealth has asked to meet with students.

The initial draft proposal is now also on line with dates and some details already worked out with the Commonwealth Secretariat The included deadlines are milepost that we are trying to stay close to so as to keep on track. 

Contact your Board GrassRoot's Coordinator for more details or Wayne Hamilton at Learning Resources & Technology, 424-2451