Schools involved in the CCEM project are requested to follow one of these two option for the transfer of their files to this site by 15 November 2000.

Option Two - CD

The secondary option if the lead teacher is unable to do FTP transfers of the files is to seek the assistance of a Board tech to locate and use a CD-ROM burner. 

This will require contact with your local Board GrassRoots Coordinator to facilitate location and use, if your school does not have one internally yet. Most IEI schools have them as part of the multimedia pods so this is a source of possible usage.

To burn a CD, then follow these steps after becoming familiar with your particular burner software such as Adaptec:

Step One

If you have already copied the whole site, as was originally provided on the LRT CCEM Support CD, then you can just copy  the student's work directly into the same nations folders according to what the student did. If you did not, then copy your nations folder with all its sub folders and provided files onto your hard drive first into a directory called CCEM.

Once these files have been copied from the CD, copy each student's work from their disk or working medium ( network drive) into the same folder for each nation that you are doing. this will give you a folder with all the combined work in one place.

Ensure all your links are relative in your html coding. For example, a link to a new page that your students added to the climate folder's provided climate.htm file should look like this:

climate2.htm       not like this             file//C:\ccem\americas\Canada\land\climate\climate2.htm

Also make sure that all needed images for each page are located in the same folder as the topic file. So all images needed on the climate.htm file should be in the climate folder under the land folder under the nation's folder that you are working on. 

Once all links are relative and working, then you are ready for burning your CD!

Step Two: Launch your CD-RW software such as Adaptec's. Normally this is as simple as inserting a blank CD into the burner. Select the data CD option in most programs as shown below.


Continue with the wizard options until you get to the selection of the folder and files for burning to your CD. 


For example, the Canada folder has been selected and will be the folder to be added. Click the "add now" button and this folder and all its files and sub folders will be added to the List for the CD. Additional nations can be selected again if you are doing more than one nation. Continue selecting until all the nations in your project are included.

Then click Next and continue with the wizard. Ensure you select the perform test option as it eliminates any doubts. 

Once the test is completed, then  you are just about finished with the questions.

Select Create CD now and then click on Finish.

Step Three: 

Check the CD to see if it can be read by a regular CD-ROM drive and that all your nation's files and sub folders are there. Check to see if you browser will read them successfully off the CD. 

Step Four:


Send to Attn: Wayne Hamilton
             Learning Resources & Technology
             NS Dept of Education
             3770 Kempt Road
             Halifax, NS B3K 4X8

Finally, email the courier company used, time sent, and the tracking number to Wayne Hamilton at