Proposed Web Site Structures
for Template Development

From Options A to C shown below, we have developed a composite concept for the site itself. Each nation will have the three basic sections and their sub pages created so as to allow each nation's aspects to be developed individually, yet within a common structure for the website's student usage and navigation. The final website design is as follows:

Students will produce the content for the blue sections as well as do a web quest for  links to the white official national sites.  The Canadian view ( see the beige sections) will be covered by the links and use of two major initiatives already in place at Canadian schools across the country, the Canadian Communities Atlas project and Communities@ca 

The templates will start to be developed Friday Sept 15th and will be ready by Sept 22nd, as much as possible. I will have a disk made for each nation that will allow a class to develop the nation separately, yet will allow uploading via FTP to the website in November to a separate folder.

We are currently investigating a source of materials that will allow the basic research for each country to be provided to your class project to assist in the effort.

Please email Wayne at with any suggestions, concerns or substitutions.