Welcome To Nigeria!

In researching and highlighting the country of Nigeria it quickly became apparent that we as Canadians had a lot to learn! Throughout this journey, many of us changed our general impression of African countries and added to our global knowledge.

The discovery of Nigerian culture resulted in much delight as we looked at beatiful photos of the countryside and the people. Comparing pop cultures of Nigeria and Canada proved enlightining as we learned of new foods, types of music, games, ect.

We learned both of the problems that we could identify with, and others that we could not. Our research was aimed at giving us an understanding of the nation as a whole, encompassing everything from the geographical location to the culkture and the people.

Through this project we were enabled to step outside of our Canadian ideas and become more globally educated. It presented a chance for us to understand "where in the world are we" in comparison to another nation.

We will certainly continue in our research throughout the winter, highlighting the nation of Nigeria and continuing our journey of global education.

The Official Home Page of Nigeria is located Here!

By Raylee
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