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I came into this project with surface knowledge about Uganda. This is not to say I did not have respect for country, but that I may have been biased from my Canadian viewpoint. While chipping away the layers of information, I have come to see Uganda in a new light. The country is one with many dimensions of culture, history and life. This knowledge turns my bias into a viewpoint; it is as though I am walking out of this project in different shoes than those I walked in with.

The Nile, the mountain gorilla parks at Bwindi, and the everyday lifestyles of Ugandans paint a beautiful picture of an exotic country.

Never in my life have I worried about losing a parent to an epidemic or not being granted education because I was born the fifth child (in my family of four!) however, in many ways I can relate to the people who supplied us information. Teens are teens, dealing with many of the same issues, whether they live in eastern Canada or eastern Africa.

The basics of a country are easy to find, but within this project we have strived to go further and reach a plateau of understanding. We went beyond the schoolbooks and encyclopedias, “into the field” to find the true expressions of Ugandans (via email) and then took time to reflect on it in comparison to our own lives.

The journey is not over yet! We will continue to research and update our page over the winter. The jet leg from this journey will last forever, compelling us to remember what life could be like if we had been born on the great continent of Africa.

- by Amanda.

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- Chafie

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