Student Life

Most formal schools in India are government regulated. This formalization of education has made heavy inroads within the traditional system. Of more than the 750 000 schools recognized by the government, over half are privatized institutions, in the sense that they are not regulated by the government, but rather by independent establishments, such as religion.

The school day takes place within a time frame comparable to our own, and may begin at 8:30AM and end at 4:00PM. These times vary from school to school. High schools commonly issue school uniforms, and discipline is stringent but typical, expecting the student to follow regular norms of conduct such as respectable behavior, cleanliness and punctuality. Many schools encourage the learning of English as a second language.

Students enrolled in high schools enjoy many of the same basic educational facilities we do, such as classrooms, teachers and instructors, and regular access to textbooks, school materials and libraries. Within their economic limits, the schooling of India attempts to imitate western practices. The high school years are through grades 9 to 11. Although education is relatively free for students up until at least grade 10, half of these children between the ages of 11 to 14 will discontinue their attendance at school. Illiterates constitute roughly half the Indian people over the age of 15, including 2/3 of the female population. Attempts to promote adult education have been employed, with some success. Access to education for women and the lower class has been limited in the past, but with assistance from special government programs and scholarships these problems are slowly being rectified.

Websites: Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay The American Embassy School in New Delhi.


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