Focus on national web links in the nation, as best possible

The Link Index Page shows the choices of the Links Content Pages. 
The subject categories included are:

- Heritage of Nation
- History of Nation

This page is not designed to be a major content page; it provides the links to all the content pages
listed above. A photo or drawing reflecting the nationís heritage and cultures should be included.

This page should also serve as links for major official government WWW sites for the nation
Example in Canada:  or 

Include as well:
1.  Links to Canadian embassy/delegation in that nation
2.  Links to major education institutions in the nation (ask emailed school for names)

Avoid links to non-official sites of that nation as there is some sensitivity which we must be aware of. The purpose of this website is to highlight each nation's role as part of the Commonwealth - a diverse group who like a community wants to put its best face forward for the world. Debates on issues should be a topic of your classes, not the website pages !         Think of this as a contract to build a site for a client. We will all learn from what we discover !

- ensure links to each of 2 sub topics of Links section

- place all images for this page in the same folder for page you are working on...NOT in the image folder

- ensure top and bottom navigation bars get left as is. Don't worry if they don't appear as they will when added to the site.